South Coast Real Estate Investor Meetup
Meetup Dates:
6:00 PM

Fall River, MA 02720

South Coast Real Estate Investors Meetup

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South Coast History
The South Coast of Massachusetts (sometimes stylized Southcoast) is the region of southeastern Massachusetts consisting of southern Bristol and Plymouth counties bordering Buzzards Bay, and includes the cities of Fall River, New Bedford, the southeastern tip of East Taunton and nearby towns. The term is recent, dating to the 1990s, and sometimes confused with the South Shore (a region southeast of Boston that includes Norfolk, northern Bristol and eastern Plymouth counties).

The "South Coast" label was born as a public relations effort to counteract the perceived stigma of former terms like "Greater Fall River," "Greater New Bedford," or "New Bedford-Fall River," which conjured images, in many Massachusetts residents' minds, of depressed mill towns with run-down buildings and high unemployment. Local boosters, including The Standard-Times newspaper, began using the term in the mid-1990s in an effort to attract business to an area with "the Cape's climate," "better infrastructure" and "relatively low land prices," according to Standard-Times publisher William Kennedy.

The major highways through the area are Interstate 195 (from Providence to Wareham, Massachusetts) and U.S. Route 6, which is the older route connecting Providence to Cape Cod. Highway access to Boston is provided by Route 24 and Route 79, both of which end in Fall River, and Route 140 which connects New Bedford to Route 24 in Taunton. Limited public transportation is provided by the Southeastern Regional Transit Authority, the and the Greater Attleboro Taunton Regional Transit Authority. 

The South Coast Rail project will restore commuter rail service between Boston and southeastern Massachusetts. Taunton, Fall River and New Bedford are the only major cities within 50 miles of Boston that do not currently have commuter rail access to Boston. South Coast Rail will reconnect this region to jobs and generate economic development. Phase 1 will restore service to the region by the end of 2023. Preliminary construction has taken place on the corridor. Freight service to Fall River is the main beneficiary of the South Coast Rail project at this current time. 

Market rate housing, improves the quality of the tenants in a city. Tenant quality can come in the form of education, work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. Quality warehouse, industrial and retail space attracts the businesses and entrepreneurs that create jobs for a city. As Real Estate Investors, we have the most effect on where the future of the South Coast is going and it is up to us to ensure that we are working with the tools provided to us and the technology currently available. To do whatever it takes to make sure the South Coast is better for the next generation of landlords, tenants, families and surrounding communities that we serve by improving our buildings to serve the highest and best use.

Cheers to our success and thank you for being a part of this group of South Coast Real Estate Investors.

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