Investing Bootcamp
Discover all you need to know To: 
Fast-Track Your Retirement!!
What You Will Learn From This Event:
Step #1: 
Learn How To Collect The Money
Bringing a deal to a Savvy Investor is the ONLY way for people to trust you with their MONEY!
  • Define your message to attract the best! 
  • ​Create irresistible deals while building extreme goodwill with your Investors!
  • ​Learn how to evaluate deals and create a unique proposition to give your Investors clarity and get a return on their MONEY!
Step #2: 
Learn What To Do To Collect The Money
Become the authority on Real Estate Investing in your sphere of influence, so they want to give YOU their MONEY to invest in Real Estate. 
  • ​​Develop the ultimate sales funnel to create real wealth and financial success!
  • ​​Find the MONEY to massively increase profits!
  • ​Magnetically attract your dream customers or clients!
Step #3: 
 Learn Who Has All The Money
Build a Solid Foundation based on Value to your Investors, so that YOU can let your "deals" work for YOU!
  • Determine your target Investors.
  • ​Who is your Target Investor and marketing to your Investor avatar
  • ​How to reach beyond your Current "BROKE" Network and create high quality connections and value to while collecting MONEY from this new network.

This Event Is Waiting For YOU!

October 12th, 2019

8:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Real Estate Alchemist Office
348 East Main St. Fall River, MA 02723

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Here is what people are saying about this event!
"...he's put together a great program for anyone..."
- Jason
"In order to work well with people you really have to know people." 
- Javonnie
"...I've been following Gualter for a while now and he has been unbelievably successful..."
- Donna
" gets your mind motivated..." 
- Jen
"...learn the simple techniques that you need to know to grow your business..."
- Evelyn
"...learn some great things about social media marketing..."
- Brooke
Gualter's Story
Gualter Has Learned How To Invest In Real Estate The Hard Way – So You Don’t Have To!
This comprehensive training program is taught by Gualter Amarelo. You may know him as the author of the book “Broke To A Quarter Million”, as well as the creator of numerous life-changing trainings on wealth and mindset.

Over the years, he’s earned more than $1 million through his businesses – nearly half a million simply by using his own real-world experiences to help hundreds of students create high levels of success in their own lives.

But Gualter wasn’t always a millionaire. In fact, for about 10 years he struggled with a series of failed business ventures – wondering why it seemed impossible to get any of his ideas off the ground. At one point he was so broke he had to move in with his brother – embarrassing at any age, but especially at age 30!

Then, he received some advice that would change his life forever. A wealthy mentor told him to study the strategies and mindset of people who were already rich and to find out what they had in common that made them so successful.

And the rest is history.

Now, after years of trial and error, Gualter has created a step-by-step, copy and paste system that literally anyone can use to create wealth. These are powerful marketing strategies that can help any business, in any industry, find ideal customers and draw them to you like magic.
Gualter Amarelo
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